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The Joys of Rereading

My mother is a speed reader, and she has this uncanny habit of rereading her favorite books over and over, again.  There are a couple of favorite authors that she enjoys reading and would often venture out of her comfort zone to read new and exciting books; periodically landing her a new favorite author. When… Continue reading The Joys of Rereading

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost

Here we are, back with the Waverly family and their enchanted lives! The story continues from Garden Spells to First Frost as members of the Waverly clan, albeit a few years older with new additions, anticipate their first frost of the season in their Southern home. Claire Waverly chucked her catering business to bank on the profits of making… Continue reading Sarah Addison Allen’s First Frost

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Another Adventure with Garden Spells

Have you ever had so much change in your life that you needed something constant to feel comfortable?  Or, are you in a permanent rut and need a little change to shake things up?... CLICK TO READ MORE!