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A Key of Her Own

Cynthia’s eyes blurred as she tried to focus on the paper in front of her. Pen in hand, her nerves tingled with excitement. She had waited for this moment most of her life. It was a natural transition, but she had no idea how intense her feelings would be on this day. She had spent many nights dreaming about living on her own, and it was something she wanted to do since high school. Now, Cynthia was about to hand over her hard-earned cash to someone she barely knew just so that she could have a place she could call her own... CLICK TO READ MORE!

Diary of a Fat Girl

So, Everyone Else Is Having A Baby…But Me!

Over the Christmas holidays I was overwhelmed with news of pregnancies.  I learned that two of my husband’s cousins were expecting and one of them was to have twins.  Then, I learned two of my cousins were expecting; both of them due in May.  As hard as all that news was, I swallowed my tears,… Continue reading So, Everyone Else Is Having A Baby…But Me!

Year In Reading (Book Reviews)

Bubbles, Bubbles

Bubbles, Bubbles has bright colorful pictures, simple rhyming, and it is an excellent learning tool... Subscriber Content Lately, I have been babysitting my youngest nephew.  He will be in his terrible two’s next month, but I believe he has hit a growth spurt and is already there.  In caring for this child, we watch his… Continue reading Bubbles, Bubbles

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #58

My mother, sister, and I share books, and I enjoy discussing the books with them.  My mother is a fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.  My sister's preference is currently Sandra Brown, and I prefer Sarah Addison Allen and Kristin Hannah!

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #52

Winter is my favorite season.  I love the way the snow sparkles and icicles glisten.  I love the crisp cool air, and the gently falling snow.  I love to make snow angels, snowmen, and snow castles.  And, I especially love curling up beside the fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa while watching the… Continue reading 100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #52

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #23

My husband and I married on this day in 2009 at the Goodells County Park.  It had rained the night before and flooded our ceremony site in Meadow Creek.  The clouds had opened up, again, on my guests as they waited behind the farm house minutes before the ceremony.  My wedding party and guests had… Continue reading 100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #23