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Heartsinger is about a man who was raised by deaf parents. His father had died while he was a young boy. Mee was in constant search to replace the radiant smile on his mother’s face that only his father could give, and was deeply disappointed when he could not succeed. In his distress, he became the singer of sorrows to travel the land and sing at funerals.

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #52

Winter is my favorite season.  I love the way the snow sparkles and icicles glisten.  I love the crisp cool air, and the gently falling snow.  I love to make snow angels, snowmen, and snow castles.  And, I especially love curling up beside the fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa while watching the… Continue reading 100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #52

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #46

Godzilla movies were my favorite to watch when I was a kid.  Since my mother had told me that Godzilla wasn't real, I kept watching the movies over and over to try to figure out how they made the creatures so life-like, and how they could make the humans look so small!