Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #74

As a child, I was a tomboy.  When other children picked on my siblings, I would step in and beat them up.  Even in high school, no boy or girl would stand in my way to protect my brother and sister.  Today, I will instantly stand up for my siblings when someone else wrongs them, but… Continue reading 100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #74

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #41

I have six siblings; one sister, one brother, two half-brothers, a half-sister, and a step-sister.  There is a rumor of twins, but that has not been confirmed.

Year In Reading

The Weird Sisters

This book is a story about three sisters seeking redemption, responsibility, and love. Using their mother’s illness as the excuse they were looking for to return home, they find themselves in a small college town where they discover comfort in each other amidst their animosity toward the other