Year In Reading

Piece of Work

Julia Einstein was a former publicist and a stay-at-home mom. Until one day, her world was turned upside down by the unemployment of her husband, Peter. After depleting their savings account, Julia was forced to leave her three year-old son and return to work. It was meant to be a temporary situation until her husband found a new job. What she didn’t know was that her client, Mary Ford, was a brutal narcissist with bouts of kleptomania. Nor did she know that Peter was a better “stay-at-home-mom” than she ever was, and that her job would no longer be temporary...

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #13

My desk is located in front of a large window overlooking a beautiful tree.  I like to be able to look out my window and gaze into the limbs to watch the birds while I am writing.