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Rockin’ the 70’s Music Festival

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June 17, 2023
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sanilac County Historic Village & Museum
228 South Ridge Street (M25)
Port Sanilac, Michigan 48469

My brilliantly crafty grandmother will be selling her wares at this music festival. She has graciously reserved a spot on her table for Wandering Through Meadows Volume 1 AND Volume 2. The second volume will be released that same day, and both will be available for purchase. Stop by her table and say hi… I might stop in for a couple of book signings!

Wandering Through Meadows

A Chapbook of Short Stories:

Volume 1

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Coming Soon…

“Some memories weigh down on you like raindrops on a leaf. They become so heavy that even the tree can no longer support them.”

Check back often for the latest on Stacy’s newest creation coming soon!


May 14, 2023: I have queried 50 agents so far and have received nothing but positive rejections. In other words, form rejections and encouragement to continue to query other agents. Forging ahead by sending out more query letters this week and creating promotional materials while publishing my first three volumes of chapbooks in rapid succession. CLICK HERE to check out my store on Etsy!

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