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“She no longer had a passion for the song. Instead, her heart swelled for something more than the lyrical poison could ever give her.”

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  • The Wail House

    The Wail House

    It was called The Wail House.  At the time, I didn’t understand the concept and had mistaken the Wail Room for the girl’s rest room.  However, what I endured during my time on the throne was unusual but extraordinary… CLICK TO READ MORE!

  • It Was A Bad Day

    It Was A Bad Day

    Startled, I fell backwards onto the hard concrete. My hands scraped against the rough surface as I attempted to hold myself up. I stared at the rear of the vehicle… CLICK TO READ MORE!

  • Writers Are Poor… But, We Don’t Have To Be!

    Writers Are Poor… But, We Don’t Have To Be!

    It is a sad truth. Writers are poor. As a profession, we are asked to prove ourselves by donating our works. We are told that there is no money in writing, and we believe them! We are forced into careers that do not align with our passions just so we can bring home an income to support our families… CLICK TO READ MORE!