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“Some memories weigh down on you like raindrops on a leaf. They become so heavy that even the tree can no longer support them.”

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March 20, 2023: Grandfather’s Whispers is in the hands of the second round of beta readers, and some of the feedback I am receiving is AMAZING! It looks like full-steam ahead to querying agents next month. Yeah!

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  • Procrastination’s Contributing Collaborator

    Procrastination’s Contributing Collaborator

    Procrastination. We know it too well. Many of us find other things to do instead of the very thing that needs to get done. So why do we do this? Many contributing factors come to mind, but fear sticks out most. Consider it. When you break down all the various reasons why you procrastinate and……

  • Beta Readers are Essential

    Beta Readers are Essential

    When you look up the definition of beta readers online, you get a plethora of information, such as this one from Oxford Languages: “a person who reads a work of fiction before it is published in order to mark errors and suggest improvements, typically without receiving payment.” Or this one from Wikipedia: “A beta reader……

  • The Road to Publication… So Far!

    The Road to Publication… So Far!

    As I reflect on 2022, I’m also reflecting on the last 13 years I have committed to the writing journey.  I took writing seriously in 2009 and hashed out my second novel (first on the road to publication) during a NaNoWriMo challenge that year. Shortly after, I started a blog which later became this website.……