Wandering Through Meadows: A Chapbook of Short Stories Volume 1

Wandering Through Meadows: Volume 1 includes brand-new unpublished stories you won’t find anywhere else. Wandering Through Meadows is a chapbook series of fun, fantastical, and sometimes romantic short stories. Each book contains four short stories in the genres of literary, fantasy, romance, and general fiction. In volume one, read about swashbuckling pirates and one young boy’s adventures at sea, trouble is afoot among fairies and imps in one woman’s decrepit garden, how the ordinary becomes extraordinary as a sinister evil lurks, or discover a love affair nearly foiled by rain and fear. Visit my shop on Etsy to purchase your chapbook today!


May 14, 2023: I have queried 50 agents so far and have received nothing but positive rejections. In other words, form rejections and encouragement to continue to query other agents. Forging ahead by sending out more query letters this week and creating promotional materials while publishing my first three volumes of chapbooks in rapid succession. CLICK HERE to check out my store on Etsy!

March 20, 2023: Grandfather’s Whispers is in the hands of the second round of beta readers, and some of the feedback I am receiving is AMAZING! It looks like full-steam ahead to querying agents next month. Yeah!

January 29, 2023: When you look up the definition of beta readers online, you get a plethora of information… But none of it prepares you for the sting of the comments you receive… Continue reading

December 30, 2022: As I reflect on 2022, I’m also reflecting on the last 13 years I have committed to the writing journey.  I took writing seriously in 2009 and hashed out my second novel (first on the road to publication) during a NaNoWriMo challenge that year. Shortly after, I started a blog which later became this website. In my naivety and not knowing what to write other than fictionContinue reading

December 11, 2022: Beta readers are giving me great feedback while they finish reading my complete manuscript. I will be applying their suggestions over the holidays and plan to query agents in the New Year. Look out, world. Grandfather’s Whispers is about to make its debut!