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1452137_10200765004556104_1264886572_nStacy N. Elliott is a writer whose passion began when her mother encouraged her to discover the realm of fantasy and imagination by reading books at an early age.  From there, Stacy’s love of literature and writing has grown and matured throughout the years.  With each creative thought, story idea, and poem written, she has developed a limitless world of inspiring words.

Stacy created this blog to share her thoughts and ideas in the written form.  You will see articles that have moved her.  Such as Diary of a Fat Girl where she relates to and inspires others on her quest to lose weight and achieve a healthy pregnancy.  Other publications include The Writer’s Life which features the joys and struggles on her journey through the written word, Journeys Through Meditation which allows Stacy to explore the various forms of meditation, and Year In Reading which is dedicated to her love of books.  New to her blog is Mommy Writes.  Here you can enjoy humorous antidotes as Stacy writes about when motherhood and writing collide.

Stacy currently resides in Port Huron, Michigan with her family and four cats.  She obtained an Associates Degree in Business Administration for the Administrative Professional.  She has published articles for a local paper called the ThumbPrint News, written podcasts and was a featured bloggist on WGRT 102.3 FM’s segment called Entirely Women, is a volunteer and Grant Writer for a non-profit organization called A Beautiful Me, is a ghost writer for numerous authors, and is currently working on her first fantasy novel series.

Along with reading and writing, Stacy enjoys music, arts and crafts, nature, camping, hiking and spiritual practices.


“Thank you for your great words of wisdom for the inspireME podcast…You are very gifted!!”Karen Palka, Founder/Executive Director of A Beautiful Me® 

“Thank you very much for getting your article to me on time.  It is a wonderful piece.  You are a gifted writer.  I would be happy to consider your articles for publication at any time.” -Diane L. Kodet, editor of ThumbPrint News

“Seriously, for those of you that haven’t read it, it is a great blog.  Take the time to read it.  In most of the garbage that is out there on the internet, this is one of the rare exceptions of good stuff.” – Janet Bellgraph

(All photographs on this blog are the property of Stacy N. Elliott and are original works of art; with the exception of  guest pictures whereas credit will be given to the creator of such works.  If credit was not given, please notify Stacy at stacynelliott@yahoo.com immediately since absent-mindedness can lead to forgetfulness and her intentions are to ensure that everyone is credited for their own creations.  Header photograph and featured photograph for Mommy Writes was done courtesy of Ami Moeller at Oaklei Grace Photography.  Please visit Ami’s  Facebook page for more of her art.)