Golden Compass

Keep Writing!

It seems simple enough. Keep writing!

However, after a decade of writing, I can tell you that nothing in writing is simple. There are times that it will be hard to write or even try to form the right words together so that they will flow smoothly. Keep writing!

There will be days when the muse speaks to you loud and clear, and you can do nothing else but write. Keep writing!

There are times you will feel depressed, discouraged, or even defeated. Keep writing!

Happiness, joy, comfort, inspiration, and motivation will keep bringing you back to the keyboard. Keep writing!

Sometimes, life circumstances get in the way, or your survival instincts kick in, and you are laser-focused on trying to make another day work. Keep writing!

Even when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up on this dream of being a writer… KEEP WRITING!

No matter the situation or where you are in the writing process, it is more important than ever to keep writing. If you are struggling with writer’s block, grab a journal or two and write about your struggles. Whine to your heart’s content, if you must. If you are struggling even to put words to paper, free write. Write the first word that comes to mind, and then the next word, and then the next, and soon you will begin writing phrases. It may be silly nonsense at first, but you are still writing. By doing these two things, you will encourage your brain to continue the thinking process we writers need to write.

I took a hit at writing when my son was born prematurely. It was clear that survival instincts kicked in. I was hyper-focused on my son’s survival and my need to help him thrive. My husband took to social media to share the news with friends and family. One of our friends knew exactly what to say. She told me to keep writing.

I tried the journal thing but couldn’t. So, I went to social media and wrote about my son’s progress instead. Later, after he came home from the hospital and we moved into our new home, I attempted to put pen to paper. But, I discovered that my hormones did a number on my brain and made my writing fragmented. My writings made sense to me at the time, even though they felt a bit off. Looking back, I can see that I struggled to get a clear, organized, and concise thought down on paper. But I still wrote.

It has been five years since the birth of my son, and I am still writing and creating. It may not take you as long as it has taken me to get back into the flow, but if you keep writing, it will come back to you. Writers are born with words flowing through their veins. Those words haven’t left us and are always ready to come out. We just need to lift that pen and put them on paper, no matter how disorganized it may be. Keep writing!