The Writer's Life

The Road to Publication… So Far!

As I reflect on 2022, I’m also reflecting on the last 13 years I have committed to the writing journey.  I took writing seriously in 2009 and hashed out my second novel (first on the road to publication) during a NaNoWriMo challenge that year. Shortly after, I started a blog which later became this website. In my naivety and not knowing what to write other than fiction, I began taking the world through my infertility and weight loss journey with a candid look into my attempts to get pregnant. Little did I know, I only had to wait until I turned 40 before the blue-eyed, red-headed miracle made his appearance to the world.

Since then, I have created other topics to write about, such as meditations, book reviews, balancing motherhood while writing, and fictional short stories. All of this gave me an immediate outlet for quick publication, with little heed to editing or sensitivity to the writing realm. Still, I managed to attract a small following.

Now, I focus on the joys of motherhood while balancing a full-time career and stealing away time to dive into my passion in life. I hired a professional editor before I discovered AI editing apps. Utilizing both to clean up my previously published works on the blog helped enhance my writing skills and make for a more polished sample.  

As a result, take an adventure through the archives this coming New Year with me. We will start with Journeys Through Meditation. Our world has gotten so topsy-turvy that it was time we reflected on our own behaviors and what we can do to make it a better place for our children. Look for four featured posts each week on my Facebook Fan Page. Or, at your leisure, browse through the archives under “e-Magazine” and enjoy some of the lessons I learned along the way, or dive into an entirely imaginary realm with short fiction stories from Tall Tale Tuesdays.

After many revisions, Grandfather’s Whispers will finally make its debut soon. 

My hope is that we will have a published book in time for Christmas of 2023, which seems fitting with some of the scenes inside this book. The beta readers continue their journey through my novel. They have given me valuable feedback so far, which includes the following positive remarks:

Narration is beautifully written.”

“Your writing definitely evokes an emotional response!”

“(The) descriptions are beautiful – almost lyrical.”

Grandfather’s Whispers will elicit mixed reviews, but I hope it will find its audience and become a great read shared by many. I’m working to entice the agents interested in picking up this book and the others I have been creating in the background for the last 13 years.

Among my other works in progress are a five-part modern fantasy series, a “killer” romance, a couple of anthologies in horror/thriller, fantasy, and general fiction, and a saga series set in a quaint town in Michigan with a string of unfortunate tragedies. I have dabbled in the art of the written word for thirteen years. Now it’s time to share my meanderings with the rest of the world through commercial publication. I am on the road to becoming a published novelist.  

Now… let’s get back to writing, my dear friends!