The Writer's Life

Silence Among Words

I have said it before, and I will say it again. In day-to-day activities, Life happens. Like a toddler, it grabs your attention, forcing you to look at the stunts it can achieve by consistently tugging your sleeve and calling out your name. As writers, we lock ourselves up in our little caves surrounded by… Continue reading Silence Among Words

Diary of a Fat Girl

So, Everyone Else Is Having A Baby…But Me!

Over the Christmas holidays I was overwhelmed with news of pregnancies.  I learned that two of my husband’s cousins were expecting and one of them was to have twins.  Then, I learned two of my cousins were expecting; both of them due in May.  As hard as all that news was, I swallowed my tears,… Continue reading So, Everyone Else Is Having A Baby…But Me!

Diary of a Fat Girl

The Burden of Grief and the Future of Hope

The celebration of the holidays is usually a weak spot for me. My mother, a devoted fan of my blog, chastised me for taking home a handful of chocolates after she had extended an invitation to the candy dish on Halloween night...