Tall Tale Tuesdays

Procrastination Letter

As I was dawdling on another new hire, the following letter was delivered to me by the Executive Director dated 30 days ago. Dear Ms. Lingerman: This letter is to inform you that your employees’ lack of follow through has been noted. This time-consuming behavior must stop and will be met with varying grades of discipline. Therefore, you must eventually end your employees’ procrastination by implementing the following punishments within the next day or so... CLICK TO READ MORE!

Tall Tale Tuesdays

A Ferret Named Billy

Today, I woke up to the sun streaming in my windows. The soft glow interrupted my dreaming state at the precise moment when the Prince was about to kiss me. How terribly disappointed I was not to touch his lips with mine... click to read more!

Tall Tale Tuesdays

Treasure Map to Adventure

The mid-afternoon sun cast its glow on mounds of blankets draped haphazardly over furniture and tables. Dust particles floated among the golden rays when one quilted corner flung open. An enthusiastic little boy jumped up onto the couch raising a ball high above his head. He appeared to struggle under its weight, but the blue and white sphere was no match for this child. Dressed in a black pirate hat with a bouncing red feather, he adjusted the patch over his left eye with his free hand and growled, “To the port bow!”...

Year In Reading

Mark Marshall’s Imagine Me A Pirate!

Imagine Me A Pirate! is one of my favorite books... Subscriber Content My goal this year is to read 50 books; which include all genres without reservations.  In the last month, I have been offering childcare services to my sister while she works, and my youngest nephew is at the age where he can appreciate… Continue reading Mark Marshall’s Imagine Me A Pirate!

Fun Facts

100 Fun Facts About Me – Fun Fact #29

Arts & crafts keep me busy.  I enjoy working with crosstitch, quilting, scrapbooking, pencil drawings, digital photography, graphic design, painting, and crocheting.  The crafts seem limitless, and my brain is always thinking of another project.

Year In Reading

Lisey’s Story

Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story is about a widow whose celebratory husband passed away; leaving behind a studio full of papers, unpublished manuscripts, and clues leading her to his past. As Lisey Landon struggles to remember Scott’s troubling childhood, she is left to deal with the remnants of his psycho fans...

Journeys Through Meditation

Releasing Dreams to See the Miracles

As I anticipated my weekend of solitude in the written word, I took a moment to meditate...