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The Makings of a New Series

hpim6655.jpgAs my reader, you may have noticed a slump in my postings.  Today, I took a break; a break from the constant film of my newest novel creation running in my head.  I have been writing practically non-stop for over a month.

Since I decided to shelf Grandfather’s Whispers (it played a much larger role in my procrastination than I had expected), I have been running full steam ahead on my fantasy series.   I am tired of dragging my feet to reach my dreams of becoming a published novelist all because I tackled such an emotional book like Grandfather’s Whispers.  Now, I can step back from the melancholy, dive into the action, romance, and drama and finally reach my goals.

For a long time, I have been toying with this idea in my head.  No one person has taken on such a creature in this way before, and I am eager to share with the world the fascinating and riveting story that I have created.  After long nights and hundreds of index cards and notebook pages, I set out a plan and made some goals.

There are five books to this series.  With each successive book, we learn more about the main characters and their friends; love blossoms, hearts are broken, and battles are being fought.  I introduce more characters along the way to reach the pivotal climax of the series.  In the end, after much conflict, good may just conquer evil after all.  But, how it happens and who does it is the greatest mystery.

My plan was to design an outline for the characters and the entire series, complete the first draft, come up with a marketing strategy, and query agents by the end of the first 90 days.  While I wait for responses from my query letters, I plan to extensively edit the first book, complete the second book, and edit the second book in the next 90 days.  By then, I hope to get the answer that I have been waiting for, and my second book would be ready to go, as well.  If not, it would still be full steam ahead as I map out the rest of the books and complete the remainder of the series.

So far, I have completed the chapter and scene outlines for book one, the book outlines on books two through five, and written the first draft on chapters one through five of book one.  In addition, I have completed the character outline on several of my characters (complete with a map of my book’s town and pictures for inspiration).  With less than 60 days to go, I have a lot more ahead of me, and I feel that I have accomplished so much more than I ever have in the past.

But, today, I just needed a break from all of that writing.  Therefore, I jumped ahead to my marketing plan and drew out a rough sketch of the website I plan to create for this series.  So much for my break, huh?

No worries about Grandfather’s Whispers.  I am learning so much more as I develop this series that I can take the knowledge with me to the editing table and make Grandfather’s Whispers a better book.  I will continue to pick it up and edit it periodically.  It will get published.  There is no doubt about that.

I won’t stop at this fantasy series.  I have so many more ideas for books.  At this pace, I will be writing for the rest of my life.  And, hopefully, my career!  In the meantime, please bear with my absence as I continue to create some of the greatest stories you will ever read.