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I Am A Featured Blogger!

I always enjoy the incredible feeling I get when my writings are published. If you have not visited WGRT 102.3 FM‘s Entirely Women segment, you are truly missing out. This site was designed and developed by the Founder and Executive Director of A Beautiful Me, Karen Palka. In partnership with WGRT and Woman’s Life Insurance Society, she has created a place where women can get book reviews, a random act of kindness, and inspiring words through blog posts and podcasts.

Update (1/16/2023): Information on the Internet is fluid and constantly changing. As a result, the Entirely Women segment no longer exists on the WGRT website. However, podcasts continue to be in demand. Below is the original featured blog that I spoke of above. Click here to listen to the latest podcasts for more amazing stuff to inspire you today!

Don’t You Know You ARE Beautiful?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see tired eyes, wrinkles, or split ends?  Do you feel that your ear lobes are too big, that your nose is too wide, or that your lips are too thin?  When you see these things, how does that make you feel?

As a teen, I suffered from a horrendous case of acne, a large nose, and a lazy eye.  The surgery I had for my eye succeeded in wearing glasses to correct it throughout the day.  However, my eyes would tire and wander, leaving individuals confused and wondering if I was really talking to them.

When I became an adult, the acne finally went away, but the large nose and the lazy eye stayed.  I could have had plastic surgery for the nose, but changing what was on the outside would have never fixed how I felt about myself on the inside.  I had not embraced my own beauty. 

Today, I have learned to find the beautiful me.  I now pause at the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful, that the lines appearing at the corner of my eyes are from years of laughter, and that the gray hair I just found was another life lesson given to one of my daughters.  I am embracing my beauty by learning that this large nose of mine supports my glasses so that I can enjoy delicate flowers and stunning sunsets. 

Our own perception of who we are shapes how we think and feel about ourselves.  If we look in the mirror and only see what’s on the surface, then how are we supposed to feel about that?

As you wake in the mornings to brush your teeth or comb your hair, take a moment to reflect on how beautiful you are.  Then, smile.  There is so much beauty in a woman’s smile, and you are beautiful!