The Writer's Life

Reinventing My Blog

1452137_10200765004556104_1264886572_nIt’s that time, again.  I feel a need to reinvent my blog.  Today, it feels too safe, too cozy.  Almost as if I got caught in a rut and didn’t know where else to take it.  I have become bored with it and interest is waning due to my lack of exciting things to post.

I currently have a very exciting life, filled with day to day activities that bog down most of my time.  But, there is no room for it on my current blog.  My dream to become a published novelist is taking longer than I had hoped or planned, but I continue to tread on.  One day, these books will make it out there.  One day, I will finally see my name on works of fiction.  One day.

For now, I noticed abandonment to my blog friends, a neglect of inspiring articles, and a total need of revamping.  In the next coming months, you will notice changes.  My plan is to create a more vibrant and lively blog that will be updated weekly.  It will focus on me, as a writer, and my weekly pursuit and all the passion that is rolled up into this dream of mine.  My blog articles won’t be quite as long as they have been in the past.  I have limited them to around 400 words each.  They will continue to be cute and uplifting with sparks of humor, but mainly focused on my life as a writer and my current works of fiction as I create them.  The current archived articles will be revamped and placed in an archived section for those who continue to seek such articles, and only the best of the best articles will remain.

It may be boring to some, but to me and my fans it’s something of substance and value.  I want to promote my series as I write and edit it.  Giving snippets and teasers of what my characters are encountering.  I feel that it will be enticing and generate more interest while encouraging me to forge ahead; giving me a sense of urgency to completion.  In the meantime, sit back and relax.  I am going to take you on an adventure of your life!