The Writer's Life

Moving Forward Through the Holidays


1452137_10200765004556104_1264886572_nAs I look forward to the holiday season, I have been reflecting back on this past year and my accomplishments so far.  I landed a new job that was on my dream board, attended a writer’s retreat, began writing in the second book of my series, secured a website for said series, and met with a photographer to begin my marketing campaign.  Sometimes, I feel as if I am not doing enough to complete and promote my materials, but when in fact, I am doing far more than I have ever done in the past.

I am pumped about this series of books that I have been writing, and many of you who have had the honor of a verbal synopsis or two are demanding more.  I was even further validated when I took the first book of the series to my writer’s retreat for an evaluation.  It was exhilarating to watch the reactions of others as they read my book.  I obviously have done something right to elicit such strong emotions from avid readers.  This has fueled the flames for my desire to be published, and I feel driven, even more than ever, to forge ahead.

In my years down this path as a writer, I have spent much time in research, and the one thing that sticks out the most is that a writer must learn how to market herself.  I have watched my numbers do a slow incline, but I need more.  What better way to gain more fans by giving them something in return?

In the next coming months, you will begin to notice subtle changes to my blog.  By January 2016 I will begin to roll out my plan; first announcing the name of my series and its first book.  By February 2016, I will have my website dedicated to this series up and running with regular post updates.  And, by August 2016 there will be a video trailer to entice even more readers further pushing an urgent need for publication.  Throughout the New Year, I will be submitting to agents and publishers and guiding them to my strategic marketing plan.  I want everyone in the publishing realm to know how serious I am about my works, and what I will do to make a viable and marketable product.

Now that you know my timeline, stay tuned for weekly updates.  You may never know what the next one would have in store for you!