The Writer's Life

A New Look!

While reaching for a glass, I pondered where I should begin writing. Do I start the edits of my novels? Or should I write another article? I turned the faucet on, and clear liquid swished through the tight cylinder, splashing against a stainless steel basin. I placed my cup under the spout and heard the roar of water filling it to the brim. The glass rim tinged against my teeth as I took a sip. I gulped down the refreshing water that settled on my pallet. It comforted my soul, and I remembered a quote I had once read.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour

My dry spell is over. Writer’s block has been hurdled. I am back at my keyboard, turning on that metaphorical faucet of words allowing them to flow through my fingers and unto my keyboard. And my blog is my starting point.

By now, you may have noticed a few changes. First, I hope you like the new look of my blog. Second, I am working to focus more on my published works and writing while coping with the challenges of motherhood. Finally, my hope is that others who would like to write but are intimidated by life’s demands will be able to find inspiration through me.

On the menu bar, I want to bring to your attention the new arrangement of my categories. There are three main categories that I will be regularly updating:

Published Works is now prominent on the menu for those interested in my writings outside of this blog. I will update it with current links to publishers who have adopted my writings.

The Writer’s Life will let you, my readers, know what I am doing with my writing and what my next move will be. This is my accountability page. Please feel free to comment with any helpful tips, suggestions, or critiques of each post. As always, all comments are moderated. Cruelty and drama will not exist when my purpose is to inspire others.

Mommy Writes is the newest category of my blog. I will update it periodically with humorous antidotes on what it is like to balance motherhood with a toddler while building a career out of writing.

As I have mentioned in pre-pregnancy posts, all of my previous articles are archived for future enjoyment. There is an Archive drop-down menu listing previous categories. For example, you will find my struggles with infertility and losing weight under Diary of a Fat Girl, along with Journeys Through Meditation where you can take a peek into my spiritual life.

Year In Reading will remain in the archives. Since I am a perpetual reader, I will post a few articles from time to time in that category. I love to read and will never stop. One day, I will reach my goal of 50 books in one year. Maybe counting my son’s books might help!

In the coming weeks, I will continue refining this blog’s details to match my vision while keeping you informed of my current events. Peek around and enjoy a little video I have compiled for you. Most of all, be inspired and have fun!