Mommy Writes

Mommy Writes Studio – A Dream Come True!

It feels so good to be writing, again!  I have been waiting a very long time for a quiet space free of distractions, and now it is complete… almost!

Mommy Writes Studio has been a long awaited project.  Before I became pregnant, I felt an immense desire to reinvent my blog.  Everything had become bland and boring, and I wanted to not only get my name out there as an author, but to do it with a sense of style while branding myself for the marketing world.  My son was exactly what I needed to inspire this whole new look.  Because of him, I was able to redesign this blog with a new mission.  Now, mommy writes in her studio uninterrupted and enjoys life with the family outside of these four walls. 

Welcome to Mommy Writes Studio!

My son isn’t the only one responsible for my inspiration.  My husband has been a guiding light throughout this entire project.  I owe a lot to him for feeding my dream, encouraging me to move forward, and contributing to the efforts while watching a spark of an idea come to fruition.  Throughout all of our highs and lows, he has been my biggest fan who believes in me and my works.

The project of building my writing studio took six months of planning and two years to complete; much longer than I had anticipated.  A few challenges crept up along the way that snagged the project, but my determination to see a dream come true created something more than I could have ever imagined.  What started out as a dream of a small tree house ended up in a 10’ x 16’ fully furnished shed with a 9 foot ceiling at the peek. 

My brother-in-law and nephew did a fantastic job constructing the studio with sturdy bones that will keep me cozy and warm during the winter months.  Their knowledge and expertise of the construction world gave me a structure that will stand the test of time.  My husband and I finished the interior by taping, mudding and painting the drywall, adding trim and flooring, and decorating with furniture and crafts.  My mother also contributed with her own artwork that can be found in paintings and custom-made bottles.

All bottles on this shelf, except one, are from the creative genius that I call mother.

Inspiration lives here.  Every piece that enters this studio is meant to encourage the muse and speak to the mind.  Each has its own story that I may share with another, or it may spark that creative thought waiting to shed light on the world.  Most importantly, they mean something to my soul, and that is where my muse resides.

It may look perfect, but flaws also live here.  Scrutiny is not welcomed and neither is perfection.  If you were to look closely beyond the mistakes, you would also see a story; which is the beauty of my writing studio.  Perfection does not reside in creativity.  One must be flawed to spark a creative mind so that solutions in the grand design can be found.  By embracing what is, I can feel the stress leave my body each time I walk through these doors and a story boil up from deep within my soul.

This was the final piece of the inside trim, and my husband was so upset by the mis-cut. I told him to put it up there anyway and caulk it. A flaw that I lovingly accepted and am proud to have in my Writing Studio.

Have a gander at the photos.  You may notice that photography is missing in frames hanging on the walls, that there are no filing cabinets, that maybe a floor lamp would complete the corner by the lounger, or that the front porch isn’t quite done, yet.  That’s all okay.  Time will fill up my space as my writings become more prominent.  The porch, along with my private garden, is next year’s project.  Therefore, I have plenty of time to add more inspiration to my writing studio.

Pull up a chair, relax, and review the transformation.  If you have a dream, revisit it, write down your goals and work each day to achieve those goals.  Be determined and don’t give up.  Maybe one day, you could watch your dreams come true!

Many thanks to Karen Palka of A Beautiful Me for guiding me through my Dream Board and encouraging me to forge ahead; to my daughters Danni and Laura for your enthusiasm and assistance with the young boy; to Scott Herriman and Nathan Herriman of Herriman Construction for the beautiful studio; to my sister, Lisa Herriman, for her patience, understanding, and mediation; to my mother, Wendy Swinson, for her creative artwork, the Mommy Writes sign, and taking on the challenge of creating art on bottles; to my husband, Richard Elliott, Jr., for your loving loyalty and consistent encouragement; and to my son, Wyatt, for your squishy hugs, giggles and boops.