Mommy Writes

If you’re a mother who writes, you know how hard it is to write with a wee little one crawling around your legs and begging to be picked up every 5 minutes.  My passion for writing began long before my adult years.  It helped ease the pain of infertility throughout my marriage by focusing energy on my dream to be an author.  Now that I am gifted with my own snot-nosed human being, who has my lazy eye and his father’s winning smile, my desire to continue to write throughout motherhood has driven me to share my experiences.

My hope is that the overwhelmed and exhausted will find humor and inspiration through my own candid life, and feel encouraged to pursue their dreams through drowsy lids and cup of tea (or coffee!)  Have a glance around and be inspired.  The most current articles are listed first.  Check back often for the latest adventures or subscribe to my blog for updates to your email as soon as they are posted.

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