Year In Reading

Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care

When Willow O'Keefe was born, her piercing screams tore through Charlotte's heart as she entered the world. She was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a severe case of brittle bone disease. A simple trip and fall would crack a rib or break a femur, and even in the womb she broke a few bones. In her… Continue reading Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care

The Writer's Life

The Joys of Rereading

My mother is a speed reader, and she has this uncanny habit of rereading her favorite books over and over, again.  There are a couple of favorite authors that she enjoys reading and would often venture out of her comfort zone to read new and exciting books; periodically landing her a new favorite author. When… Continue reading The Joys of Rereading

The Writer's Life

Creating Family Time with Our Words

Since I have joined the outside realm of working people, home with the family has become a fleeting gift.  My husband is attending his college courses during the day and working in the afternoons while our daughters are growing up and living their own lives.  Whatever fleeting moment I have with them is a treasure… Continue reading Creating Family Time with Our Words