The Writer's Life

Accomplishing Dreams in the Working World

It’s that time, again!  This is my writer’s update where I inform you, the reader, about my comings and goings as a writer. As everyone knows, a writer’s world is fraught with financial insecurities.  Some of the lucky few either have a partner with a decent income to support their endeavors or have hit the… Continue reading Accomplishing Dreams in the Working World

Journeys Through Meditation

Tastefully Delicious

This exercise in meditation gave me a chance to slow down while eating my food... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “We not only have fast food, we have fast eating!  Try slowing down to experience mindfully and taste your food.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding This exercise in meditation gave me… Continue reading Tastefully Delicious

Journeys Through Meditation

Gazing at the Stars

It amazes me as to how big our Universe is when I take even the briefest of moments to gaze into that vast sky... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “Submit to the moment and feel a part of the cosmos, and everything and everyone in it.”  - The Meditation Bible by Madonna Gauding… Continue reading Gazing at the Stars

Journeys Through Meditation

Being the Best Parent That I Can Be

Shortly after my husband received custody of his daughters, I realized that I was going to be a full-time parent.  This excited me and scared me all at once.  I was quite grateful to come across this meditation and was determined to see it through... Subscriber Content Photo courtesy of Ron Dove “Parenting is the… Continue reading Being the Best Parent That I Can Be

Journeys Through Meditation

The Sweetest of Dreams

For some of us, like me, it is difficult to become a creature of routine. Our brains are flooded with thoughts that rattle on non-stop; even after the lights go out...

Journeys Through Meditation

Blessings in My Glass

After thumbing through this book, I have decided that working with it chronologically is not the way the universe works. We live in a chaotic world where, at any given moment, things change. Sometimes, our world is flipped upside down, and sometimes they change for the better. We just roll with the punches and continue to forge ahead...

News & Updates

A Letter to My Readers

As April is coming to a close, I realize that I have not written a single word on my main blog since January of this year. The sudden realization of the lack of inspirational words from my own existence has given me pause for reflection...

Journeys Through Meditation

Finding Focus and Clarity

When I meditate, I typically play relaxing music. This gets me in the mood for the meditation, and it tends to calm my brain of its chatter...

Journeys Through Meditation

Farewell to the Past

It seems as though my present self cannot release the memories of my past hurts. After all, I cannot really let go of something that is already gone...