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2012 Year End in Reading

Now, I look to 2013 and wonder what kind of goals I should set, and if I should even attempt to set them. Of course, I should! Goals give us a purpose; a reason to wake up each morning. Without my goals, I would have nothing to look forward to, nothing to accomplish, and nothing to show for success.

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A Letter to My Readers

As April is coming to a close, I realize that I have not written a single word on my main blog since January of this year. The sudden realization of the lack of inspirational words from my own existence has given me pause for reflection...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Listen To Your Doctor’s Advice!

...As a sugar addict, I refuse to give up my chocolate bars and ice cream. Even my attempt with the 17 day diet was an utter fail during my PMS phase...

Diary of a Fat Girl

Extreme Weight Loss Edition – The First Week

...“She’s trying to kill us!” Richie said as he glanced over at our cat. Salem cocked his head to one side and looked at my husband. A tiny voice inside my head rang out and I thought I could hear the cat reply, “Not me, fat boy!”...

Diary of a Fat Girl, The Writer's Life

The 17 Day Diet Journal Day 7

I discovered why I splurged like I did. I was not snacking enough on vegetables throughout the day. I felt like I was starving and it was because I wasn’t getting my fill during snack times...

Diary of a Fat Girl

The 17 Day Diet Journal Day 6

After stuffing my face with the tasty goodness of salt, I placed my now empty bowl on the coffee table next to the 17 Day Diet book. An immediate thought had occurred to me to just pick up the book and chuck it at the television set...